Things you should Keep in Mind for eCommerce Website Redesign in 2023

Things you should Keep in Mind for eCommerce Website Redesign in 2023


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So, you have decided to redesign your online store. Well, you have done the right job. Redesigning your eCommerce store helps you improve the performance of your website and thus helps you grab wonderful chances to earn higher revenue.

Once you hire a professional designer for your eCommerce website redesign, you need to consider various important factors to make your design extraordinary. Take a look at all those things;

1. Use Videos on Home Page

It’s crucial to use high-end videos on the homepage of your eCommerce website, which helps you impress your visitors. We are familiar with the fact that videos play a vital role in letting users explore information but also do a lot in making them highly excited. It’s crucial to use long videos that can be highly useful, which explain products and their features.

2. Never Use Excess Content on Home Page

Using excess content on the homepage makes it boring and thus becomes a discouraging factor for users. As a result, your website starts losing traffic. You need to just create compelling content that should be useful for your users. A longer form of content can be risky and could be one of the reasons why your website starts losing.

3. Ensure Easy Availability of Filters

Filters are another essential element of your eCommerce website. It helps users in finding exactly what they look for. A large number of eCommerce stores use filters to overlay, especially for its mobile version. It’s great, especially when there is limited space. For instance, if users filter, then they wish to find a product that they wish to buy. All you need to do is find the most relevant filter category that increases the usability of your website.

4. Highlight Product Options with Visual Buttons

Users generally make selections while visiting the product page. For making choices quite easy, it’s good to avoid dumping these kinds of options, especially in the dropdown menu. Visual buttons are very useful options and help users in several ways. It helps users in taking a complete glance at various items that are out of stock. And it also prevents them from scrolling with the help of complete dropdown list options.

5. Integrate Payment Wallets

Your eCommerce website redesign is incomplete without payment wallets, which help users make transactions. So, you can integrate payment wallet services such as Android Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.